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The New Baby 101 App is a valuable resource for new parents seeking to have their most frequently asked questions answered instantly. Lois Wattis is a Clinical Midwife who specialises in Lactation Consultancy, working in direct contact with new parents in a busy hospital setting. All the information provided is reliable and based on up-to-date research.

“I understand the mixture of joy and anxiety experienced by new Mums and Dads who are often overwhelmed by the steep learning curve they are negotiating as they develop skills and understanding about caring for their precious new baby.  In their blurry state of elation and sleep deprivation, they simply can’t take in all the information they need in the few days they are in hospital”.

New Baby 101 FREE App provides comprehensive answers to 9 of the most common questions that parents ask in the early weeks. One FAQ from each topic covered in New Baby 101 book is answered in detail, plus the Free New Baby 101 App download includes 2 “how to” videos.

More FAQ’s can be accessed by individual topic, or by purchasing all 9 topics for $6.99. The same topics are covered in more detail with colour illustrations in the New Baby 101 Book. Plus, three more “how to” videos are available on New Baby 101 YouTube Channel.

At last – the information parents want is instantly available on their smartphone or tablet – New Baby 101 App and Book – A  Midwife’s Guide for New Parents. Enjoy your “Babymoon” with reliable advice at your fingertips!

New Baby 101 is currently unavailable via Playstore and iTunes. Buy the eBook HERE for $9.95

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  • Before Baby is Born
  • Early Decisions
  • First Days at Home
  • Feed Time-Understanding Baby’s Needs
  • Feed Time-Problems and Concerns
  • Nappy Time
  • Bath Time
  • Bed Time-Sleep and Settling
  • Fun Times

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ALL your most frequently asked questions will be answered if you UPGRADE New Baby 101 App!

Buy a single Topic for 99c or get all 9 Topics (more than 50 FAQ’s) for $6.99.

New Baby 101 Book provides the full content of all 9 Topics plus three more videos for just $14.99.



Compliments and Reviews

  • The people you often turn to for advice are your midwife, lactation expert, friends and family (especially those with young children) and, of course, your mum. But now you can get the expert help as soon as you need it with the new app and ebook, New Baby 101. New Baby 101 is the creation Read more

    Stacey Vanoska,

    Lois Wattis is an experienced voice when it comes to babies and she has written a manual for new parents to be able to access anytime, anywhere, because we all know that your baby questions aren’t going to wait until you are sitting close to your parenting books. We were able to get some more Read more

  • New Baby 101 is the creation of Lois Wattis, a Registered Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Fellow of the Australian College of Midwives. Lois is also a mother and grandmother herself. With over twenty years’ experience working in hospital and community settings, Lois has provided woman-centred care to hundreds of mothers and babies. Read more


    They say that until you've had a baby you can't understand the impact it has on your life. Well, they were right! When we were lucky enough to have little Jaxon enter our world there was so much to learn and so much we didn't expect. Having access to the support of Lois Wattis with the Read more

  • “At last! Everything new parents need to know is at your fingertips!” New Baby 101 eBookReview: Produced by local qualified midwife and lactation consultant Lois Wattis, New Baby 101 aims to help new parents navigate life with a new baby. It contains an abundance of practical advice in preparation for baby’s birth, as well as Read more

    Abby Stevens,

    Two Mums give positive feedback after reviewing New Baby 101 – A Midwife’s Guide for New Parents

    Cherie Smith-Rainsford,

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