Breastfeeding Just Happens, doesn’t it?

Motherhood Myths Busted – Breastfeeding just happens naturally, doesn’t it?Many new mothers experience surprise, disappointment and frustration as they struggle to master the new skill of breastfeeding.  They may be bewildered by conflicting advice from caregivers and find themselves with wounded nipples and a crying hungry baby just days after giving birth. Discourse among experts further confounds the plethora of well-meaning advice, however research indicates that learning to recognise and follow baby’s instinctive behaviours is fundamental to success.  This begins by “switching on” baby’s instinctive feeding reflexes with skin to skin contact, which triggers baby’s response to seek the breast.  Optimal positioning allows baby to tilt his head back and place his chin firmly and well below the nipple. This stimulates the reflex to gape widely, latch deeply and feed comfortably.  It takes time and patience to learn any new skill, and getting the right help sooner rather than later can ensure breastfeeding does happen – naturally. View New Baby 101 free “How to Breastfeed your Baby” video for a visual guide of positioning, attachment, and what a breastfeed looks like.

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