Breastmilk naturally synchronises mothers’ and babies circadian rhythms

We know that babies need to be fed at night as well as in the day, and that sleeping longer at night gradually occurs as baby matures. We also know that breastfed babies’ gradually mirror their mothers’ circadian rhythms of night and day as they are influenced by her chemistry via her breastmilk. How does this happen? Here is a scientific explanation which recent research has revealed:- “Breast milk contains various components that oscillate in their levels over the course of the day. One of the most important circadian changes in breast milk appears to be in the levels of the amino acid tryptophan, which peaks at about 3 a.m. These subtle changes in the composition of breast milk help infants to train their own circadian rhythms, with potential consequences for their brain development. Breastfeeding at night was also shown to improve the quality as well as the quantity of sleep obtained by the mother.  For mothers who are feeding expressed breastmilk it is worthwhile labelling whether it was collected at day or night time, and matching the feeding time accordingly.

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