Scheduled Feeding and the Breastfed Baby

Babies know how to feed and they know when they need to feed, and they give clear signals to let their carers know their needs – these are called Feeding Cues. These cues or signals progressively intensify as baby’s need to be fed increases. Early cues include stirring from sleep and stretching, opening the mouth and licking lips. The Read more

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Flying with a baby? Here’s 5 top tips from New Baby 101

I think most people have experienced the stress of having a crying baby on board during a flight.  The unfortunate mother in the following story did not receive the sympathy or support she really needed. Read New Baby 101’s tips for parents travelling with bubs which may avoid a miserable flight for everyone zyban to quit Read more

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Why is bottle feeding a breastfed baby discouraged?

Many parents consider giving their baby a bottle of expressed breastmilk to allow someone else, usually baby’s father, the opportunity to feed the baby.  Although this may seem an attractive idea especially if the mother imagines the bliss of sleeping through that feed time, it is not advisable for several reasons. Introducing bottle feeds using Read more

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When will baby “sleep through the night”?

Every new parent craves more sleep! Adjusting to the needs of a newborn's 24/7 care requirements is a huge adjustment which is necessary, and fortunately mothers are hormonally super-charged to nurture their infants day and night.  As parents pass through the haze of early parenting, most wonder how long it will be before baby "sleeps Read more

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Should I give my baby extra water in hot weather?

Everyone knows it's important to stay well hydrated, and water is the optimal fluid to drink especially during hot weather.  Oxytocin released during breastfeeding also triggers a mother's thirst reflex, reminding her to drink plenty in order to make adequate amounts of breastmilk for her baby.  Breastmilk contains the perfect balance of nutrition and water Read more

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Delayed Cord Clamping – baby needs his blood!

There are a few important things you will need to consider before baby is born, or soon afterwards. Welcome to parenthood and the long, long road of making decisions on behalf of your child! During your antenatal visits you are likely to be asked about your preferences for labour and birth. A commonly overlooked part Read more

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Could you use a little help understanding your baby?

They say  that until you’ve had a baby you can’t understand the impact it has on your life.  Well, they were right!  When we were lucky enough to have little Jaxon enter our world there was so much to learn and so much we didn’t expect. Having access to the support of Lois Wattis with the Newbaby101 book Read more

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Is there really a difference between foremilk and hindmilk?

Did you know you can increase the transfer of fatty hindmilk to baby during breastfeeds by simply massaging the breast? A quick massage of the breast before attaching bub enhances the letdown reflex and release of more fatty hindmilk with the foremilk than would have happened without the pre-massage. Massage of the breast DURING a Read more

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Clinging, crying, cranky bub = Wonder Week!

What is meant by the term Wonder Weeks? “Wonder Weeks” is a term created by Dutch authors Hetty van de Rijt and Frans X. Plooij to describe mental developmental leaps made by babies and children as they grow.  Babies are in a constant state of physical growth and change and all will go through periods where Read more

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Cluster feeding – what’s it all about?

Babies know how to feed and they know when they need to feed, and they give clear signals to let their carers know their needs – these are called Feeding Cues.  These cues or signals progressively intensify as baby’s need to be fed increases. When baby signals or “cues” he is hungry, has a feed Read more

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