Here’s Cheers to new Dads

Things have changed, for the better, over recent years regarding how new parents approach the arrival and care of their baby. Dads are intimately involved in the antenatal care of their partners and the birth of their baby. And so they should be! They are 50% of the the creation of this exquisite new being, Read more

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Taking baby home – Survival tips

The baby’s born and we’re going home – now what?  All new parents walk out of the hospital with their newborn feeling a mix of delight and anticipation about what lies ahead of them.  Every one of them hopes to do everything right, but knows they are bound to feel uncertain about what is going Read more

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Nipple shields – when are they the right tool for the job?

Nipple shields can be a very useful temporary tool when used appropriately. Made of thin silicon, these are intended for use by women who have flat or inverted nipples and should not be introduced until the mother’s milk is flowing freely – usually around  3 or 4 days after the birth.  Nipple shields enable the Read more

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When should we introduce baby to family foods?

Trying to make sense of the “introducing solids” food fight can be tricky. When, why and which foods to give a baby in addition to milk is a decision all mothers face eventually. This is a surprisingly controversial topic among parents and health professionals due to conflicting advice within the available information. Let’s look at WHEN Read more

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Expressing breastmilk: Why, How, When & Where.

WHY EXPRESS BREAST MILK?  Most mothers will express their breastmilk for their baby at some time and it is common for  mums-to-be to have a breast pump on their baby shower wishlist.  While expression of breastmilk most frequently occurs after baby is born, in certain circumstances such as when a Mother has diabetes, hand expression Read more

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Why is bottle feeding a breastfed baby discouraged?

Bottle feeding a breastfed baby can “derail” baby's instinctive reflex to suck vigorously to initiate milk flow. Most teats have holes which allow milk to flow into baby’s mouth and baby swallows because the milk is felt in the throat. This can quickly reduce baby’s instinctive jaw and tongue action during breastfeeds and baby may begin to prefer bottle feeds Read more

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A few words about Postnatal Depression

Not all couples' experience of becoming parents goes well. The life-changing adjustments test and challenge all relationships, and for some the result is separation and single-parenting. Postnatal Depression is often a component in the upheaval - yes, fathers can experience PND too. Awareness of symptoms and early expert treatment is key to recovery, and support Read more

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So you’re going to be a Grandparent!

So you’re going to be a Grandparent! Becoming a grandparent for the first time opens a new dimension of life for most people. The news that your son or daughter is becoming a parent may have been long awaited, or perhaps a surprise announcement. Either way, the pregnancy allows time to prepare for changing roles for Read more

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How much poo should your breastfed baby do?

Busting a common myth about baby poos. It is NOT normal for a young breastfed baby to NOT poo several times every day. If bub does less than 3 mustard-yellow poos each 24 hrs it is an important sign that the volume of breastmilk baby is taking is likely to be insufficient. Frequency of wees Read more

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Release Tongue Ties sooner rather than later

The article in evolutionary - the-role-of-early-diagnosis-of-tongue-ties-on-breastfeeding-success  provides some excellent information about tongue-ties and lip-ties in infants and the research findings cited validate my own beliefs about the importance of early diagnosis AND treatment of restrictive tongue-ties to preserve the breastfeeding relationship. Here is the original research reference: Todd DA, Hogan MJ.  Tongue-tie in the Read more

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