What’s in a smile?

The chemistry of face to face interaction is an automatic and instinctive response for the baby and for the adult involved. When we smile at a baby our pupils dilate – a sign that the sympathetic nervous system is pleasurably aroused. When baby sees the smiling face and dilated pupils his sympathetic nervous system is also automatically aroused. His Read more

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Feed, Play, Sleep – No!

Why many health professionals have got it wrong A commonly recommended pattern of caring for baby is “Feed, play, sleep”.   This may be quite appropriate for babies over 3 months of age however for young babies I advise adapting it to “Feed, play, comfort, sleep”.  This is because young babies’ neurological and digestive systems are Read more

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www.birthjourney.com is ‘reborn’

My Birthjourney.com website has reached out to expectant and new parents for over a decade and has now been ‘reborn’ with a fresh new face and updated content to reflect my ongoing work as a Midwife and Lactation Consultant.

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