Confused about infant tongue-ties? Here are the scientific facts from the expert.

Infant tongue-tie and its diagnosis and treatment has become a phenomenon which has captured the attention of parents, especially breastfeeding mothers, worldwide. Proponents of invasive surgical treatments – health professionals and lay people/parents – who regard themselves as experts on this topic have driven the tongue-tie bandwagon which has been gathering speed and sweeping the parenting world. Consequently thousands of surgical procedures are being performed unnecessarily with variable results.

This informative article has recently been published in Breastfeeding Review and is written by a genuine expert on the topic of tongue tie – Dr Alison Hazelbaker.  It provides a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence about tongue tie, and reflects my professional position on the subject.

Some of the information provided in this article will be confronting to parents and care providers who have been caught up in the tongue tie phenomenon in some way. Parents need to be discerning about the information they receive – even from trusted health professionals. If it doesn’t feel right for you and your baby, it probably isn’t!

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