Here’s Cheers to new Dads

Things have changed, for the better, over recent years regarding how new parents approach the arrival and care of their baby. Dads are intimately involved in the antenatal care of their partners and the birth of their baby. And so they should be! They are 50% of the the creation of this exquisite new being, and they are right there, participating in the birth process and the steep learning curve encountered in the early days and weeks as both parents learn about caring for their newborn.

I love supporting and involving BOTH parents in the discovery of their intuitive knowledge about their unique little person. I truly delight in their shared journey and the enthusiasm and passion so many new Dads display as they nurture and protect their partner and her newborn.

This intimate expression of a new Dad’s experience and his total besotted-ness with his baby girl Alice delights me. So I share his honest account of how wonderful it is to be a new Dad.  This article says it all – just as I experience -every – day – at the coalface of maternity services. So, here’s cheers to the new Dads. New Baby 101 is for you too!! A Midwife’s Guide for New Parents… thanks for sharing it from your perspective.

“Watching a midwife swaddle a baby is something to behold. Imagine prepping a chicken burrito, while the chicken in that burrito is alive, shrieking, kicking, squirming and defecating. Midwives move with a speed and grace of accomplished concert pianists and the way they handle babies made me realise that the little creatures are made of movable flesh and muscle, not wafer-thin antique china “

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