Postpartum: Dreamtime or Nightmare?

Motherhood Myth Busted Postpartum: Dreamtime or Nightmare?  Whatever you call it – the fourth trimester, the postpartum period, the babymoon –women discover it rarely resembles the curated images of glowing new mothers portrayed in the media. The transition from pregnancy to motherhood is a momentous life-changing experience. The relentless demands of a new little centre of the universe combined with sleep deprivation can feel totally overwhelming, and also very lonely.  The postpartum weeks are a roller coaster ride of hormonally driven emotions and sensations so intense they challenge the most resilient, well-prepared bodies and minds. What helps new mothers recover from their personal postpartum reality-check?  Reassuring support which acknowledges her vulnerable state and nurtures her physically and mentally, enabling her rite of passage. As new skills replace anxious fumbling and intuitive confidence develops, so the new mother emerges. And the knowledge that women throughout time have trod the same path – and survived – helps too.  “New Baby 101 – A Midwife’s Guide for New Parents” provides reliable information to help navigate the fourth trimester, and enjoy your Babymoon.

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