Taking baby home – Survival tips

The baby’s born and we’re going home – now what?  All new parents walk out of the hospital with their newborn feeling a mix of delight and anticipation about what lies ahead of them.  Every one of them hopes to do everything right, but knows they are bound to feel uncertain about what is going on with this new, utterly dependent little person they have created.  Even before leaving hospital both parents are likely to feel quite overwhelmed by their birthjourney and the experience of finally holding their baby in their arms.  Especially for the Mother the excitement of the birth and responses of family and friends may make it difficult to rest, and the baby’s need for frequent feeds and cuddles around the clock can result in absolutely exhausted parents heading out of the hospital carpark with their special cargo strapped into his baby capsule. These early weeks at home with your new baby provide a precious time for parents and baby to bond as a family – this is your Babymoon.  Midwife Lois Wattis has helped hundreds of families make this huge transition – here are her top tips:    Cuddle baby skin to skin with Mum and with Dad often.  This will enhance the hormones of love which enable bonding and breastfeeding, and also comforts baby especially if she is unsettled or overtired.  Accept help with daily chores but keep visitors to a minimum in the early days. Rest together, and allow yourselves to have private quiet times enjoying and exploring your new life as parents. Embrace the concept of your life following a 24 hour cycle for the first few months, and let go of “day and night” expectations.  Understanding and accepting that this pattern is part of the new parent deal will help you to go with the flow of getting up in the night and permitting yourself to sleep in the daytime when you need to do so.  This can be a real struggle for women who are used to being highly organised with everything in order. Exhaustion and sleep deprivation are a high price to pay for a tidy house, and the reassuring news is – it doesn’t last forever!    For more reliable information and free “how to” videos about feeding, bathing and caring for baby visit www.newbaby101.com.au

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