How much poo should your breastfed baby do?

Busting a common myth about baby poos. It is NOT normal for a young breastfed baby to NOT poo several times every day. If bub does less than 3 mustard-yellow poos each 24 hrs it is an important sign that the volume of breastmilk baby is taking is likely to be insufficient. Frequency of wees Read more

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Release Tongue Ties sooner rather than later

The article in evolutionary - the-role-of-early-diagnosis-of-tongue-ties-on-breastfeeding-success  provides some excellent information about tongue-ties and lip-ties in infants and the research findings cited validate my own beliefs about the importance of early diagnosis AND treatment of restrictive tongue-ties to preserve the breastfeeding relationship. Here is the original research reference: Todd DA, Hogan MJ.  Tongue-tie in the Read more

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FAQs about having siblings at a birth

What’s been your experience of children being at the birth of their siblings? Has it always been a positive thing? As an Australian College of Midwives accredited Independently Practising Midwife  I have attended many home births where children observed the labour and and birth of their sibling.  From toddlers to teenagers, the experience has proved to Read more

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New Baby 101 Book Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who responded to New Baby 101’s book giveaway offer celebrating our 5,000 followers on Facebook milestone.  I planned to give away 3 paperbacks and 3 eBooks however the international response has been overwhelming so I have extended the eBooks to 5 lucky friends! Here are the winners of a free eBook – Read more

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Mother’s kiss sharing pathogens goes “Viral” on Facebook

Mother's kiss protects baby New Baby 101's post on Facebook on 15/10/15 has attracted an amazing response - More than 2.4 Million reach, 18.5K shares, and 15K LIKES with thousands of positive comments. Thanks! :) New Baby 101 followers were absolutely blown away with the simple fact that kissing your baby changes your breast milk. Read more

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Postpartum: Dreamtime or Nightmare?

Motherhood Myth Busted Postpartum: Dreamtime or Nightmare?  Whatever you call it – the fourth trimester, the postpartum period, the babymoon –women discover it rarely resembles the curated images of glowing new mothers portrayed in the media. The transition from pregnancy to motherhood is a momentous life-changing experience. The relentless demands of a new little centre of Read more

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Breastfeeding Just Happens, doesn’t it?

Motherhood Myths Busted - Breastfeeding just happens naturally, doesn't it?Many new mothers experience surprise, disappointment and frustration as they struggle to master the new skill of breastfeeding.  They may be bewildered by conflicting advice from caregivers and find themselves with wounded nipples and a crying hungry baby just days after giving birth. Discourse among experts further Read more

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Newborn sleep

Motherhood Myths Busted - Babies Sleep a lot, don't they? Well, yes, and they feed a lot too. Young babies need to feed  8 to 12 times every 24 hours.  Each feed takes an hour or so and “cluster feeding” every hour or two for a period each day is normal too. Consequently, the potential time Read more

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To burp or not to burp?

Burping Babies – Optional or Compulsory? When a just-fed baby emits a burp a beer drinker would be proud of surprised accolades arise among spectators and along with congratulations to the back-patter.  Baby burps are normal and common but not compulsory!  If baby does not easily volunteer a burp or two after feeding don’t worry Read more

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Overcoming Common Breastfeeding Problems

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1577" src="" alt="P & A DSC03914" width="1187" height="1645" srcset=" 1187w, 216w, 739w, look at 624w" sizes="(max-width: 1187px) 100vw, 1187px" />How to overcome common breastfeeding problems The most common problem encountered by new mothers is nipple tenderness, pain and unfortunately, nipple injury.  Every mother and baby are a unique pair.  Read more

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