To burp or not to burp?

Burping Babies – Optional or Compulsory? When a just-fed baby emits a burp a beer drinker would be proud of surprised accolades arise among spectators and along with congratulations to the back-patter.  Baby burps are normal and common but not compulsory!  If baby does not easily volunteer a burp or two after feeding don’t worry – the wind will come out one way or another. Parents may think the baby MUST burp before resuming the feed and spend much time and energy trying to get it to happen however if it is not worrying the baby parents need not worry either. Some babies burp easily and a lot, others hardly ever. On a serious note – spending time “winding baby” during and after feeds can result in reduced milk transfer and weight loss rather than weight gain.  Take home message: Responding to baby’s cues to resume feeding is more important than getting a burp up.

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